Google Cricket Update This Weekend?

Truth is, I normally would not cover a possible Google update based on what I am seeing in the SEO community but I’ve been reached out to numerous times asking if there was an update that started late on Friday, June 12th.

Based on what I see, the answer is no. But there is definitely some group of SEOs noticing something.

There are threads at WebmasterWorld and Reddit but again, the chatter is limited. That is why I am calling it the cricket update, because not much is going on, not much noise from the group at all. So maybe this impacted a limited set of people?

Here are some quotes from the threads:

In the UK I’m seeing a fair bit of movement and a couple of result sets. I think Panda may have kicked off… looking positive! Lets hope so.

I’ve seen fluctuations slightly out of the ordinary since Friday 12th June. Is that in-line with what you’ve seen?

One of the websites I manage has seen a change, on the dates you’ve suggested. It’ll be interesting to hear from others too.

The metrics tools don’t show much activity and I do not think this is upcoming Panda update yet.

Maybe Google is testing pieces of it and some webmasters are noticing it but when that Panda update rolls out, I am sure we will hear way more noise.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld and Reddit.


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