Search Results Shake Up on April 10

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Reports began trickling in from DigitalPoint Forums and via WebmasterWorld on April 10th, of recent changes to the Google index.

Let me pull out quotes from both threads:

Today my site is back at its previous position (2nd)

Well I had a an *old* (1996) site that dropped in serps around the 6th of March (from like first page to page xx). Today is the first day they appear to be coming back.

I saw exactly the opposite – decade old site that ranked decently just disappeared overnight

Seems like mine is back too…. keeping my fingers crossed that it will last a while until next time….

I had a site pop back up today to the #2 spot after totally disappearing for a few months. It’s been top 3 for 3+ years before that.

All this type of chatter spiked up on Tuesday, April 10th.

There have been no official confirmations from Google, as far as I know.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums & WebmasterWorld.


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