Google BERT Now International Supporting Over 70 Languages

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Well that was quicker than most expected, Google has taken BERT, which launched in late October for English language queries in the US in core search and expanded it to 70 languages internationally. In fact, it surprised Danny Sullivan and John Mueller of Google in how fast it launched globally.Yesterday, Danny Sullivan (while on vacation, I believe), said on Twitter “Actually, apparently it is out more broadly” when asked if it is launched globally:Pedro Dias asked Danny: Danny first responded negative but then said, no, it is live: Danny then posted on the @searchliaison that it was not live in 70 languages: Which languages? Sooner than expected. Seems this international rollout happened sooner than both Danny Sullivan and John Mueller expected. Here is John: Yea, nothing to optimize for – so does it matter?Bing has been using BERT globally for a longer time…So in any event, still 10% of all queries, but now internally in these 70 languages. Forum discussion at Twitter.


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