Google Algorithm Update Brewing? Depends Who You Ask.

Over the past couple days or so, the ongoing WebmasterWorld thread has some folks passionately yelling there was a massive update, while some are saying it looks all static and fine from their point of view. Most of those in the WebmasterWorld forums are SEOs that monitor a bunch of sites, so normally it is a good place to look at for updates happening. Unlike the official Google forums where those are mostly site owners looking at just one site.

In the thread there are people saying both, so maybe it is niche specific, maybe it is a slow roll out, maybe it was a bug and roll back or maybe it is Google messing with some folks? Who knows. But some of the tools are showing normal volatility and some are showing spikes and large changes in the Google rankings.

So the tools are matching the webmaster/SEO chatter around there is an update and there isn’t an update. Maybe it is just starting to brew up?

Here are some of the quotes from the WebmasterWorld thread:

Biggest drop ever. Much bigger than every panda or penguin.

All the work does not pay off. The only winner in this game is google itself.

Down for me too.. I’ve lost 50% + traffic in November update, but I didn’t give give, I’ve recovered traffic to some extent. Since then I’m trying to build my own reader base not dependent on any third party service.

Seen a bit of a drop on March 1st. Nothing dramatic just yet.

No drop here. Traffic has been good this week. Even AdSense has shown a huge improvement over the past few days.

Here are some of the tools, also showing both normal and unusual patterns:

Mozcast is mostly average:

SERP Metrics is mostly average also:

Accuranker showing a bit of volatility:

RankRanger showed some yesterday but not today:

SEM Rush shows a spike:

Algoroo seems to show nothing:

AdvancedWebRankings also seems to be normal:

Are you guys seeing anything?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.


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