Google Algorithm Update? A Reversal Of Last Weeks Update?

This morning there was a large surge in webmaster chatter around fluctuations and changes in the Google search results. The chatter began around 3am ET in the ongoing WebmasterWorld thread and has continued throughout this morning.

Many are saying there are seeing major shifts in their rankings in the Google search results. Some are saying it is a complete reversal to the update we say a week ago. Let me share some of this chatter with you.

Update – More substantial losses on generic high volume search terms. I keep having legacy indexation issues flag in WMT, so when i investigate they are usually already resolved. For the first time in my 9 year career I’m at a complete loss. Seems completely random.

It seems to me that whatever happened over the weekend / last week has now rolled back. My positions were quite mixed up with some gains and some losses but traffic up overall. And sales were great. I am now seeing the results I have had for months again. It’s too soon to tell is sales / conversions are on or off yet. Is anyone else seeing that?

We are seeing the same. Very big losses on high traffic keywords. Sales are complete off since last weekend.

Biggest winner is amazon. In our vertical it is hard to find a query very amazon hasn´t at least 4 but 7 entries in a row.

I am not seeing this chatter in the black hat forums, so I doubt it is Penguin related, but who knows.

The tracking tools, at least the ones that show updates already for today, some are showing signs. Mozcast has yet to update for today but SERPMetrics shows a huge spike:

Algoroo is showing changes:

Advanced Web Ranking shows constantly heat:

AccuRanker shows a lot also:

And RankRanger also shows a lot of changes today:

Update: Mozcast now showing very high temperatures:

Truth is, I don’t like to put too much weight on these tracking tools but the webmaster chatter certainly spiked this morning and maybe something is about to hit.

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