February 2011 Google Webmaster Report

Every month we do a brief recap of the most important topics we covered in terms of those who care about the SEO and webmaster related concerns with Google. You can see last month’s report in the January 2011 Google Webmaster Report. This month, the WebmasterWorld thread isolated a bunch of topics. The primary topics are concerns over Google’s new scraper filter, which sites will be impacted by the new content farm filter and then ongoing traffic shifts due to holidays and weather. Here are some bullet points from topics in the thread:Google’s new scraping filter algorithm
Google to go after content farms with new algorithm
Worried about enhanced duplicate content filters
SuperBowl traffic slump concerns
Snow storms causing internet outagesHere are stories we covered over the past month which I found to be particularly important for SEOs to read, if they have not done so yet:January 2011 Google Toolbar PageRank Update
Correction: Google’s Scraper Algorithm Now Live, Not Content Farms
Google’s Content Farm Algorithm Harm You? Categorize Your Site To Fix It.
Confirmed: Google’s Content Farm Algorithm Live! Sites Are Dropping!
Google’s Next Target: Content Farms & On Page Spam
Google Ranks Site: Results In Order Of Some Importance
Mistakenly 404 A Page & Google Deindexed It? Google Hope To Reinclude It Quicker
Google Doesn’t Want You To Think About PageRank
Google’s Thoughts On Link Building Through Comment Spamming
Google’s Numbers In Webmaster Tools Are +/- 2.5M
Is There A Google Whitelist?
Google Emailing Webmasters For Bad Links, Cloaking & More
Poll: Who Looks Worse? Bing For “Cheating” or Google For Telling?
Google SEO Checklist For 2011
Don’t Force Google’s Hand, Especially If You’re Sketchy
Google Hires Gary Illyes & Pierre Far As Webmaster Trends AnalystsForum discussion at WebmasterWorld.


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