February 2010 Google Webmaster Report

Here is your monthly update on Google from an SEO’s perspective. You can find last month’s update at the January 2010 Google Webmaster Report. These updates are based mostly off the ongoing WebmasterWorld thread, jammed packed with SEOs and searchers obsessed with watching Google’s every move.

The thread this month is pretty lacking. Most, if not all, the discussion is around Caffeine related questions. Some are saying it is live, some are saying it is live on some data centers and some don’t see it. Outside of that, just normal ranking fluctuation complaints from SEOs.

Here are the important Google related topics we covered since our last report:

More Google Caffeine Sightings Over Weekend
Google Caffeine Results Now Going Live?
What’s The Hold Up With The Google Caffeine Index?
Google “Answer Highlighting” Upsets Webmasters
Google Launches Social Search
Google Images Preview Flip (Slider) Feature
Google Back Tracks a Bit on Dropping SEOs & Webmasters from Local Results
Google Maps Can’t Find Home After Adding Personalization
Google UK Showing US Based Spelling Suggestions
I Now See Favicons in Google Webmaster Tools
Google Increases Sitemaps Limit to 50,000 from 1,000
A Week Later, Google Fixes Webmaster Tools iGoogle Gadgets

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