Did Crawling Changes Come Before The Google’s Core Update?

Google has actually said numerous times that changes in crawl rates do not mean an algorithm update is coming. But before this Google June 2019 core update, I’ve seen some chatter of crawl declines and spikes of an update. So we asked John Mueller of Google and he said he has not heard of anything related to crawl changes.I 100% saw numerous SEOs talking about significant changes to their crawl behavior from Google prior to the update. But is it related to this update? John Mueller from Google suggested no on Twitter. He said “Nothing specific is happening – fluctuations in crawling are pretty normal.” He did add that he would “double-check,” but he added “off-hand there’s nothing lined up in that regard.”Here is the tweet:
Here are the previous tweets:#SEO Google Core Update June 2019: Gut feeling there’s a major issue with the recent algorithm update / rollout, seems lot of people seeing massive declines in Googlebot requests / pages deindexing then reindexing quickly – anyone else notice? @JohnMu anything your end?— Andrew Stocker (@Stockypotty) June 7, 2019
I am offline when this posts, so make sure to see if there are any updates on this matter from John on Twitter.Forum discussion at Twitter.This post was pre-written and scheduled to be posted today, I am currently offline.


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