December 2017 Google Webmaster Report

This month, the big items are around two possible Google updates that went unconfirmed. Google did confirm they extended the snippets all the way to a max of 320 characters. Google also warned about two penalties, one over event markup and the other over AMP teasers. Google said they will stop crawling the old AJAX scheme. Google also changed up the featured snippets and dropped the features in the info command.It was a so-so busy month but the current status of the ongoing WebmasterWorld thread is quiet thus far for December.Here are the stories I pulled out for the past month:Larger Google Webmaster Stories:
November Google Algorithm Search Results Update?
Mid-November Google Algorithm Search Ranking Update
Google Extends Search Results Snippets To Max 320 Characters
Google Will Penalize Your Site For Using Event Markup Incorrectly
Google To Penalize AMP Pages Showing Partial Teaser Content
Google Will Render AJAX & Stop Using Old AJAX Crawling Scheme
There Was Google Featured Snippets Change Up In Past 30 Days
Confirmed: Google Drops Addition Links & Information For Info Command

Google SEO:
Google On Disavow File: Good For Existing Or Preempting Manual Actions & If You Don’t Trust Algorithms
Google Updates Blocked Search Results Snippet: No Information Is Available For This Page
Google: Most Websites Rank Without Any Link Building
Google: Anchor Text For Internal Links Do Matter
Google: Your Structured Data Should Match Visible Content
Google Hreflang For Mobile First Index: Mobile to Mobile & Desktop to Desktop
Google News Adds New Referral Source:
Google Search Console AMP Report For Content Mismatch Errors Bug Fixed
Google: We’re Still Making Changes To Penguin & Panda Algorithms
Google: Sites Not Ready For Mobile First Indexing Not Being Moved Yet
Google Search Console Changes Rich Cards Jobs Report Data Anomalies Date
Google: We Do Not Use Time To First Byte For Search Rankings
Google: URL Folder Structure Doesn’t Need To Match Content Folder Structure
Google: Most Sites, Even Large Ones, Don’t Use Parameter Handling In Search Console
Moving To HTTPS, Transfer Parameter Handling In Google Search Console
Google: It Doesn’t Hurt If Your Site Ranks With Its IP Address
GS1 Web Markup Has No Ranking Benefit In Google
Gary Illyes Of Google: Larry Page Does Not Believe In Manual Actions
Google: It Doesn’t Take Much To Outrank Low Quality Web Sites
Google: JavaScript Links, If Found, Pass Full Link Signals
GoogleBot Crawls & Renders Tall, With 9000px High Viewport?
Google: Few Strong Pages > Many Weak Ones

Google Local:
Google Maps To Launch Brand New Design
Official: Google Local Questions & Answers Now On Desktop
View All Google Posts On Desktop
Google Local Pack Tests Showing Knowledge Panel Tabs
Google Messaging Feature Now Shows Wait Times
Google Local Adds Wait Times For Some Venues

Google User Interface:
Google News Publisher Knowledge Graph Cards Launches
New Google Best Answer Carousel In Search Results Snippets
Google Adds “Watch Movie” Tab To Knowledge Card
Google Product Comparison With Highlights Differences Toggle
Google Tests Related To Knowledge Answers
New Audiobooks In The Google Book Knowledge Cards
Google Notable Moments In Knowledge Graph Cards
Google Tests Research Search Carousel
Google Shows Personal Search Filter Tab To Some Users
Google Tests New Version Of People Also Search For Box
Google Adds Donate Button To Google For Nonprofits In Search
Editorial Reviews In Google Product Knowledge Cards
Google Tests PDF & File Type Label In Search Results Snippets

Google Features:
Google News Broke All My RSS Feeds, Manual Action Required For Fix
Google Assistant Helps You Find Local Service Providers: Electrician, Plumber, Cleaner, etc.
Google Job Search Adds Salary Ranges, Location Filters, Saving Jobs & More
Google & The Trust Project: Help Identify Trustworthy News
Google Trends Adds News, Shopping, Images & YouTube As Sources
Google Now Lets You Compare Stocks In Web Search
New Google Finance Has Launched, Dropping The Portfolio Feature
Google New Design & Features For Google Flight Search

Mozilla Drops Yahoo For Google As Default Search Provider In Firefox
My Google World Is Upside Down: Matt Cutts Complains & Danny Sullivan As Google Spokesperson
Here is the November Google webmaster report if you missed it.Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.


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