December 2016 Google Webmaster Report

It was a busy month with lots of nuggets, the biggest news was Google’s beginning of their mobile first index. We also saw an unconfirmed Google update on November 10th and maybe a reversal a week later. Google updated their featured snippets algorithm and potentially their top stories algorithm as well.We had tons of Google Search Console changes, see the list below. We had also a ton of SEO tidbits we covered, see below. Let’s not forget all the user interface changes, including a new desktop search interface which I think is now rolling out but I can be wrong.The ongoing WebmasterWorld thread has the typical chatter – nothing too crazy right now. And if you missed last month, catch up over here.Here is my recap:Google Algorithms:
Google Launches Mobile-First Index Experiment: Here Is Everything We Know About It.
Was There A Google Search Update On November 10th?
Google Update Reversed November 10th Update On November 18th
Google: Nothing To Announce For November 10th Search Algorithm Update
Google Machine Learning Sentence Compression Algorithms Powers Features Snippets
Google: Machine Learning Can Be Used To Make New Ranking Signals Out Of Old Ones
Google Tweaking Top Stories Algorithm To Filter Out Fake News?
Google Admits A Bug In Search Hurt Gmail’s Competitor ProtonMail?
Google: We’re Moving Search To An Artificial Intelligence First World

Google SEO:
Google To Force 30-Day Penalty Status For Repeat Offenders Of Safe Browsing
Google On The Hunt For Spammy Exact Match Domains (EMDs)
Google: Giving Charity & Donations In Exchange For A Link, Is A Paid Link
Google’s SEO Friendly Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) Recommendations
Google Promises More Mobile First Index Webmaster Recommendations
Google: Make Sure Your AMP Pages Have Your Primary Content If…
Google Snippet Date Wrong In Search Results For Many
Google Site Move Recommendations Updated: Big Vs. Small Sites
Google: Canonical Tags Don’t Save *Much* Crawl Budget
Google LocalBusiness Schema Now Requires Image & priceRange Fields
Google Rich Cards For Local Restaurants & Online Courses
Google Revamps Article Structured Data Documentation For AMP
Google Recipes Markup Guidelines Now Says Use AMP HTML
Google Local Restaurant Lists Rich Cards Markup
Google: You Can Use Different Markup Formats For Structured Data
Google: AMP & Desktop But No Mobile, Mobile-First Index Picks Desktop Version
The META NOINDEX Tag Doesn’t Save Your Google Crawl Budget
Google: Cache Date Not Indicative Of GoogleBot Crawl Rate
Google Expands App Indexing For Personal Content To All Android Developers
Google: Going HTTPS vs Switching URL Structures Are Different
Google: Keep Site Speed Below 2-3 Seconds
Google & Bing Increase File Size Limit Of Sitemap File By 400%
Shabbat Observers & The Google Interstitials Mobile Penalty
Google: Displaying Rich Snippets Doesn’t Mean All Algorithms Think Your Site Is Quality
Google Does Not Promote Or Demote Based On Top Level Domain
Google: Domain Registration Length Not An SEO Factor
Google Returns Porn For Sexy Black Mom But Not For Sexy White Mom

Google Webmaster & Search Console:
Google Search Console Performing Infrastructure Updates, Some Reports May Be Delayed
Google Search Console Removes The Content Keywords Report
Google Search Console Removed Feature Phone URL Error Report
Google Mobile Friendly Test Tool Allows You To Submit Pages To Google’s Index
Now Google Search Console’s Update Indicator Line Is Clickable
Google Search Console Changes “Submit To Index” To “Request Indexing”
New: Google Search Analytics Report Filter Between Rich Result & Normal Results
Google Crawl Data Report For Apps Now Updated Every Few Days Vs. Daily
Google Does Try To Reach Out Directly To Webmasters In Trouble
Google Knows Of 130 Trillion Pages On The Web – 100 Trillion More In 4 Years

Google User Interface:
Google Rolling Out New Desktop Search Interface?
Google Search Tests New User Interface
Confirmed: Google Removed The Knowledge Graph Snippet Overlay
Bug: Google Drops Small Sitelinks From Search Snipperts
Google Tests Basic “Back To Top” Button On Mobile
Google Tests Clunky “Back To Top” Button In Mobile Search Results
Google Knowledge Panel With Video Carousel
Google Knowledge Panel Adds Like & Dislike Buttons
Google Recipes In Search: Found In Related Search
Google AMP Search Results Snippet Banner – Lightning-Fast Experience
Google AMP Hotel Listing Carousel Live In Mobile Results
Google Local Pack Testing Showing Query Above Map
Google Now Showing Upcoming TV Shows In Search
Google People Also Ask Feature Dynamically Loading More Queries
Google Testing New AMP News Carousel Design?

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