December 2014 Google Webmaster Report

This is the last Google webmaster report for the year and the truth, it wasn’t that crazy of a month, like last month. We did have ongoing Penguin fluctuations that still seem to be bouncing around even this week. We had a massive polish link penalty and a lot of mobile SEO stuff come out.The WebmasterWorld thread is currently focused on the Penguin flutters right now.Here is a categorized listing of the more important Google Webmaster/SEO topics over the past 30-days or so:Google Penguin:
Did Google Release Penguin 3.1 On Thanksgiving?
Google Confirms Penguin Rollout Continued Into Thanksgiving Day
Google Penguin Reversals & Fluctuations This Morning
Google: We’re Hoping Penguin Keeps Updating & Becomes A Rolling Update
Is Google Penguin 3.0 Still Slow Running?

Google Manual Penalties:
Google Issues Massive Manual Actions In Poland For Link Networks

Google Ranking Chatter:
Google Penguin Updating Or Google Panda Refreshing This Morning?
Google Algorithm Chatter Heating Up, Shifts Happening?
Google: Panda Victims Don’t Necessarily Need To Delete Old Blog Posts

Google PageRank:
Google: Stop Using PageRank As A Metric, We Won’t Be Updating It In The Future

Google Mobile SEO:
Google: We’re Experimenting With Mobile-Friendly Ranking Factors
Google Now Officially Showing Mobile Friendly Labels; Want Them?
Google Mobile Test Fail Because Blocking Or Cloaking GoogleBot
Google Mobile Ranking Signals Still Use Many Desktop Signals
Google: We Do Not Rank Responsive Web Design Sites Better
Google Now Actions: Search Actions For Android Apps
Google To Support iOS For App Indexing? I’d Think So.

Google Answer:
Google Answers Now With “Show Me How” Links
How Google Can Screw Publishers Less With Google Answers: A Solution
When Obama & I Became King Of The United States For The Day
Google Answers Is Constantly Changing

Google Indexing SEO:
Google: Paginate Your Infinite Scroll Pages To Ensure Its Indexed
Google Not Crawling “Click To Expand” Content Now?
Google: Your Content In Tabs & Click To Expand May Not Be Indexed Or Ranked
Google: Sites Lose Loads Of Pages Over Misuse Of 403 Status Codes

Google Maps & Local:
Google Drops Carousel Interface For Local Results
Google Maps Quality Guidelines Updated But Will Google Enforce Them?

Matt Cutts:
Watch Matt Cutts Respond To If He Will Return To Google Search
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