December 2013 Google Webmaster Report

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It was a pretty busy month for Google over the last 30 days or so. We had a few ranking changes going on at Google. All of them were unconfirmed by Google.We also had a DNS bug with Webmaster Tools but they did add smartphone crawl errors as a bonus. Matt Cutts released a lot of new videos, while Google Now and the Knowledge Graph amped up.The ongoing WebmasterWorld thread is still murmuring about ranking fluctuations at Google. Anyway, for last month’s report see the November 2013 webmaster report. Here is a recap of the more important Google webmaster related topics this past month covered here:Did Google Update On Thanksgiving Or Traffic Down Due To Holiday?
Google’s Search Results Rocky This Week…
Was There A Google Update On November 14th?
Google Bug? Increase In Webmaster Tools DNS Errors?
Smartphone Crawl Errors Added To Google Webmaster Tools
Google Image Authorship Adds “Page By”
Google’s Matt Cutts: I Don’t Add Meta Descriptions To My Site Because…
Google’s Matt Cutts: Why Google Use To Only Crawl 100 Links Per Page
Google’s Matt Cutts: We Don’t Like Content Stitching
Google: Our Algorithms Don’t Stand Still, Neither Should You
Google Tells Webmaster: You’ll Have To Earn Our Trust Again
Google’s Matt Cutts: Using Keyword Rich Words As Your Comment Name Can Be Spam
Google Can Tell Us If Our Sites Are Impacted By Panda Or Penguin But They Don’t
Google Trends Now Understands Topics, Entities & More
Sorry Edmunds & Yahoo Autos: Google Added Cars To Knowledge Graph
Google Now Adds News, Blogs, TV & MoreForum discussion at WebmasterWorld.


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