December 2011 Google Webmaster Report

November was a busy month for Google. From the the Panda 3.1 update on the 18th to them announcing two shifts of algorithm udpates and changing their black bar to ads impacting rankings – we had a ton to discuss.The ongoing WebmasterWorld thread has SEOs and webmasters tracking every hiccup at Google web search. The thread is discussing possible small tweaks to the Panda algorithm with webmasters noticing changes in rankings and GoogleBot activity in early December. Most of the discussion is around the Panda in the new thread.In any event, to read last month’s Google webmaster report, click here.Here are the more important Google webmaster related stories we covered this past month:Google Panda 3.1 Update : 11/18
Google: Fresher Images & Blog Results, Better Long Tail & Original Content Indexing
Google’s Ten Most Recent Search Display & Algorithm Updates
Goodbye Black Google Bar, Welcome Google Drop Down Menu
Google: Panda Goes Beyond Content Farms
Google: Content Position & Ad Position Part Of Search Ranking
Google Indexing & Displaying Images Within Universal Search Fast
Google Images Removes Stolen Images
Google Boasts Scraper Detection In Revised Duplicate Content Policy
Google’s Response On Browser Specific Cloaking
HTML Tables Showing in Google Snippets
Google Anchor Sitelinks With HTML Entities
Are Big Brand Publishers Abusing Google News?
Who Are Google Quality Raters?
More On Google’s Search Quality Raters Guide
Google Literally Replaces + Operator With Verbatim Tool
New Google Advanced Search Page Drops Links To Page
Google News Doesn’t Retain Search Query From
Google Shares The Evolution Of Their Search Engine
Google Doesn’t Count Links They Do Not Trust
Google’s New Search iPad App Impresses
Google + Comes To Google Places
Google + Pages & Direct Search
Goodbye Knol, Friend Connect, Wave, Gears & More
Matt Cutts: Google Distinguished EngineerForum discussion at WebmasterWorld.


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