Black Hats Mock Google’s Matt Cutts With Payday Loan Hack

As you probably remember, Google launched a new spam algorithm to target spammy queries such as payday loans. It had a serious impact on spammers from what I see, which I will cover right after this story.But before I cover the impact, I wanted to share what some SEO or blackhatter did to try to mock Google’s Matt Cutts.Search for [payday loans] in Google UK and you will see on the first page of the results a blog named Here is a screen shot:The snippet reads, “Get payday loans here today from Mr Cutts! Up to £1000, 100% secure!”Clicking on the result may be a bad thing to do, it is some weird redirect. So stay away from it to be safe.The folks at BlackHatWorld are having a field day with this result.Obviously, since it is out there, I am sure it will be pulled down soon. But not before this black hatter made his point.Forum discussion at BlackHatWorld.


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