August 2017 Google Webmaster Report

This past month, the big items probably was the reveal of the beta Google Search Console amongst a lot of the bugs in the past month with that. Google’s algorithm potentially having issues with Pinterest spam and other algorithm shuffles throughout the month. Google may have updated their local rankings algorithm as well.Google has updated their quality raters guidelines again, posted an FAQs on job search and released a messaging feature for local businesses. Google killed off Google Instant Search and added a hamburger menu to the mobile results to let you access saved results. Plus there is a lot, lot more as listed below. The ongoing WebmasterWorld thread is the same basic chatter, nothing really stands out over the past several days.Here is the July webmaster report if you missed it.Google Algorithm & Rankings:
Signs Of A Google Search Algorithm Update Over Weekend
Pinterest A Spam Tool For Google’s Organic Results?
Google Maps Local Ranking Algorithm Update On June 11th?
Google News Feed Now With Machine Learning & Follow Buttons

Google Search Console:
New Beta Google Search Console Screen Shots
Google Adds Beta Link To Google Search Console For Some
Google Reveals Details About The Search Console Beta Release
Google Hints At Data Changes In New Google Search Console; More Of It
Google Search Console Adds Job Listings & Details Filters To The Search Analytics Report
Google Search Analytics Report Updated To Better Account For Lower Position Results
Google Search Console Average Position Metric Broken?
Google Search Console Lost Data For New Users

Google SEO:
Google Quality Raters Guidelines Updated With Conspiracy Theories & Non-English Results
Redirecting iOS Or Android Users? Google Says Offer Users Access To Both
New FAQs: Google Jobs Feature In Search
Google Crawl Limit Per Page Now Couple Hundred Megabytes
Google: We Rank /page & /page.html Separately If Content Is Different
Google: Don’t Redirect By IP Location
Google Quality Raters Review Algorithms, Not Individual Web Sites
Google: Country-Region Code Letter Case Not Important
Google: No SEO Benefit To Adding Trust Seals To Your Site
Google: Our SEO Starter Guide From 2010 Is Still Relevant
Google Treats Details HTML5 Tag As Toggleable Display:None
Google: Structure Your XML Sitemap As You Like
Google Confirmed Again: Content Hidden In Tabs With Mobile-First Index Is Okay
Google: Publishing 100,000 Pages At Once Is Not An SEO Issue
Google: Embedding YouTube Videos Doesn’t Help With Search Rankings
Google: Exact Match Domains Don’t Get Magic Ranking Bonus
Google, Is Okay With Commas, Even In Your Title Tags
Google: Sticky Footers Are Okay; Within Webmaster Guidelines
Google Crawls Web Pages Stateless, Without Cookies
Google: We Do Not Penalize For Spamming META Keywords
Google Docs On Removing AMP Content From Search
Google Offers Soup Analogy On Difference Between Cache & Fetch Tool
Google: We Use ccTLD & Google Search Console Setting For Geotargeting

Google Local & Maps:
Google Messaging Feature Live For All US Based Google My Business Users
Google My Business Updates The Insights Email
Google Hotel Search Supports Vacation Rentals
Google My Business Tests Mini Dashboard In Search Results
Google My Business In Search Edit Adds More Features
Google Hotel Search Supports Vacation Rentals
New Google SOS Alerts In Search
Google Tests Map View & List View Button In Local Search
Google Local Panel Tests Questions & Answers Box
Google Tests Rate & Review Call To Action In Local Panel
Google Restaurant Local Panel Gets A Tab For Menu
Google Local Panel With Other Locations For Businesses
Google Releases Google Earth Pro: Google Earth Free To Upgrade

Google User Interface:
Goodbye Google Instant Search
Google Adds Hamburger Menu To Mobile Search
Google Adds Badges To Images Results For Recipes, Videos, Products & GIFs
OMG: Google Tests Auto-Playing Videos In Search Results
Google Now Rolling Out Carousel Based Sitelinks
More Google Interface Design Testing…
Google Tests New Design For Image Search Results
Google Tests “See More Results” Button Instead Of “Next” Button
Google Replaces Share Button With Save Button In Local Panel
Google Tests New Style For Searches Related To
Google Top Voted Tag For Movies In The Search Results
Google Tests A Darker & More Bold AMP Logo In The Search Results
Google Tests Fade Away People Also Search For Box
Google Tests Rounded Buttons For People Also Search For
Google Images Now Show Videos & Recipe Data
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