April 2017 Google Webmaster Report

Well, this month we were introduced to a new algorithm update named Fred which happened on March 8th and was finally confirmed by Google. We think it targeted low value content with ad generation techniques. But Fred wasn’t the only algorithm released and updated around that time, there were others.Google also confirmed working on algorithms that demote offensive, insulting and hateful content in the search results. We don’t need to worry that machines will take over the ranking algorithm. Which is a good thing, because then Google really can’t deny an update now.Google did call out a link seller and mock PBNs this month. But they also treated webmasters to a Google Dance, so all good.Here is last months recap if you missed it and here are the most important Google webmaster related stories we covered in the past month or so:Google Algorithm Updates:
Google Fred Update Targets Ad Heavy, Low Value Content Sites
Google Has Now Confirmed The Fred Algorithm Update
Google Fred Algorithm Confirmed & Cites Overall Quality Issues
Google Fred Update: Big Google Algorithm Update Links Related
Large Google Algorithm Ranking Update: Black Hat Related?
Google: There Were Other Updates Around The Release Of Fred
Google Algorithms Now Target Offensive, Upsetting, Inaccurate & Hateful Results
Paul Haahr From Google Explains Offensive Vs Inaccurate
Google: Phantom Updates Are Core Algorithm Update
A Major Google Update On March 30th? I Don’t Think So.
Google: Machine Learning Won’t Take Over The Google Algorithm
Google: We’ve Never Denied An Algorithm Update That Happened
Google Penalties:
Google Publicly Calls Out Company For Selling Links
Google Mocks PBNs, Suggests They Don’t Work
Some Chat Boxes Can Be Hit By The Google Intrusive Mobile Interstitials Penalty
Google: Some Store Locator Popups Are Intrusive Mobile Interstitials
Google Responds To Allegations Of Former Googler Spamming
Should Google Penalize Sites With Auto-Play Video Ads?
Google SEO:
Google: Page Layout Algorithm/Penalty Is Still Important
Google: 404s Are Not A Signal Of Low Quality
Google: Again, Site Command Not Going Away
Google Survey On The Site: Search Operator
Google Mobile First Index Will Launch When Results Are “Quality Neutral”
Google: Our Duplicate Detection & Clustering Is Stable
Google: Good Rule Of Thumb On Quality Content…
Google: Bulk Quality = Low Quality In Search Rankings
Google: Again, We Don’t Use Facebook Likes In Rankings
Duh! Linking To Wikipedia Won’t Get You Penalized By Google.
Google: Revoked Manual Actions Have No Leftover Effects
Google: No Links To A URL? Then We Won’t Find It.
GoogleBot Can Detect If Cookies Are Required
Google Search Lead: I Can’t Go After Individual Problems In Search Results
Does Google Patrol The Black Hat Forums & Communities?
Google: Web Site Comments Show Signals Of Site Health
Google: Keywords In URLs Are An Overrated SEO Factor
Google AMP Not Currently A Ranking Factor But May Use It In The Future
Google: YouTube Embeds May Slow Your Page Speed Score
Google Ranking Signals Are Weighted Differently Based On Query & Searcher
Does Google Drop Featured Snippets Over Typos?
Google Search Console & Tools:
Google: Separate Out Data In Search Console For www/non-www/http/https?
Google May Add Voice Search Filters To Search Console Analytics
Google Updates Site Status Tool to Make More Precise & Easier
Google Search Console Search Analytics Loses Some Image Search Data
Google Search Console Incorrect Namespace When Referencing HTTPS URLs
Google Page Render Tool Coming To Search Console
Google Webmaster Notifications For AMP Viewer URLs With Incorrect Hostnames
Google Dance 2017 A Huge Success
Google Search Features:
New: Google Rich Results For Podcasts
Google Rich Cards Now Available Globally
Google Top Stories Now With “Related Picks”
Google Tests New Recipe Search Results User Interface
Google Tests Breadcrumbs At Top Of Search Results Snippets
Google Posts Now Showing More Categories Including The Mets
Google Search Snippets Showing “Tags”
Google Tests New Video Carousel In Search Results
Google Search Feedback Form Adds Screenshot Feature
Google Maps & Local:
Google My Business Automated Ownership Conflict
Google Local 3 Pack Removes City Names For Local Results
Google Local Results Showing Query Specific Data, Like Hours, Reviews, Phone & Address
Google Local Reviews With Guardian Top Ten Icon
Google Local Business Reviews With Emojis
Google Local Pack Removes Call/Directions Button For Featured ImageForum discussion at WebmasterWorld.


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