April 2015 Google Webmaster Report

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Below is a recap specific to Google webmaster topics over the past month that are important to read for all SEOs and webmasters. It mostly covers several unconfirmed Google updates with the broken promise from Google to clarify the status of Panda.We also posted dozens of times about the mobile-friendly algorithm and how to prepare your sites for mobile SEO. Google released a doorway page algorithm, modified their change of address tool, updated their fetch and render report and much more. The WebmasterWorld chatter is mostly typically stuff with some Easter fluctuations in addition to a small minor bug with referrals for a day period that impacted some people’s analytics.Here are the topics:Google Algorithm Updates:
Mountain View, We May Have An Update: Google Update Chatter Heating Up.
Large Google Algorithm & Search Result Changes: Possible Update Or Testing?
Google: The Changes In The Search Results Are Normal Fluctuations
Google To Confirm The Next Penguin Update/Refresh
Google’s Penguin Algorithm Still Not Running Regularly & Monthly
Google Panda Running Instantly & In Real-Time?
Google: Panda Has Not Updated Since October 2014
Google To Clarify The Status Of Their Panda Algorithm

Google Mobile SEO Coverage:
The Google Mobile Algorithm Is Real-Time & On The Page Level
Google: The Mobile Friendly Algorithm Will Roll Out Over A Few Days To A Week
Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm Is On Or Off: No Degrees Of Mobile Friendliness
Google Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Will Not Impact Tablet Searches
Google: Pages With Mobile-Friendly Label Will Benefit From The Mobile-Friendly Algorithm
Google News Unaffected By Mobile-Friendly Ranking Algorithm – For Now
Google Mobile Friendly Test vs Webmaster Tools Mobile Usability Reports
Google: The 7 Most Common Mistakes When Going Mobile-Friendly
Google Technical Advice On Making A Static Web Page Mobile/Responsive Friendly
Google Adds Mobile Ranking Banner To Webmaster Blogs
How Significant Will Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm Be? Unknown.
Google: The Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Will Be Larger Than Panda Or Penguin
Google’s Mobile Friendly Ranking Algorithm Already Live For Android Apps

Google SEO:
Google Doorway Pages Algorithm & Guidelines Updated
The Google Change Of Address Tool Now Supports Subdomain Moves
Google Webmaster Tools Updates Fetch & Render Report & Adds Blocked Resources Report
Google Discontinuing Original Google Webmaster Tools API, Killing Keyword Data
Does Google Want To Kill The AJAX Web Like The Flash Web?
Google Reviews & Ratings Rich Snippets Guidelines Updated: Can’t Be Category Based
Google: We Are Not Using Facts For Search Engine Ranking Now
Google Answers Why A Web Site Might Rank Badly For One Keyword
Google News Prefers HTTPS URLs & Will Show Those First
Google: We’re Working On Making The Google News Sitemap Index Count More Accurate
Google Updated Canonical Documentation To Show HTTPS URLs
Page Load Takes Two-Seconds? Google May Slow Crawling Your Site.
That’s SEO: Turning Transactional Queries Into Brand Queries On Google
Google: Keep Your HTTP Site Verified In Webmaster Tools Even After Migrating To HTTPS
Google’s Auto Insurance Blog Post Has Extremely Keyword Rich Anchor Text

Google UI:
Google Moves The Map & Local Pack Below The Fold
Colorful Google Knowledge Graph Boxes
Last month’s recap is over here.Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.


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