82% Say We Should Name Some Google Updates

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Less than a week ago, we polled our readers asking should search updates be named? Well, we have over a hundred responses now, so I thought I share them with you.Overall, 82% said we should name all or some of the updates. Only 17% said we should not name any of the updates. 59% said we should name only the important updates. Here is the break down of the results.Question: Should We Name Search Updates? :: Yes, But Only Major Updates said 61 respondents or 59%
:: Yes, All Updates said 24 respondents or 23%
:: No said 17 respondents or 17%
:: Other… said 1 respondents or 1%The other response said:Yes but just with normal update terms… 3.1 … 4.5. otherwise it’s confusing.Personally, I agree here with the majority. Forum discussion continued at Google Webmaster Help.


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