70% Said Google’s Penguin 2.1 Update Hurt Them

About six-months ago, Google unleashed a major update to Penguin, the Penguin 2.1 update. The earlier feedback from that update was that is was a big impact to webmasters and mostly SEOs who used links in an aggressive manner.So I posted a poll asking you how you did with the update. Being that six-months later there has been no reports of a new Penguin refresh or update, I figured I post the poll results today.We had over 2,800 responses to the poll, and 70% said they saw a drop in Google referrer traffic after the update. So 70% seemed to have been negatively impacted by it. While only 7%, or just about 200 people, reported their sites recovered from a previous Penguin update with Penguin 2.1. 6% said they saw an increase in traffic, where one site goes down, another benefits. And 17% said they saw no change at all before or after.Here is the pie chart:Again, we are still waiting for a Penguin refresh for over six-months. I think we are due one soon.Google Penguin Updates:
Google Penguin 2.1 on October 4, 2013
Google Penguin 2.0 on May 22, 2013
Google Penguin 1.2 on October 5, 2012
Google Penguin 1.1 on May 24, 2012
Google Penguin 1.0 on April 24, 2012Disclaimer: Please see my poll disclaimer post before coming to any conclusions on these results.Forum discussion continued at WebmasterWorld.Note: I am offline today and this post was pre-scheduled to be automatically posted. So if I am delayed in responding to issues or comments, I apologize in advance.


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