6 Months Later, No Google Toolbar PageRank Update…

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It has now been over six months since the last widespread Google PageRank update. The last update was in early February, where users spotted changes to the Google Toolbar PageRank data.Since then, I have not seen a major Toolbar PageRank update from Google. Which honestly, is not the norm.Every 3-4 months or so, Google typically updates their toolbar PageRank data. Here are some of the most recent updates:February 2013
November 2012
August 2012
May 2012
February 2012
November 2011You see the pattern here, with the exception of the rate back to back PageRank update between May and August of 2012.Now, I am all for Toolbar PageRank going away. Maybe it has?I will email Google to see if I can get something on the record about this.Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.Update: Google told me they have nothing to comment on this at the moment.


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