Our Portfolio

Bluefox International was a sweepstakes company located in Indonesia with operations in several Asian countries. The CEO of Vietnam requested I support their efforts to generate a new online presence. 

Developing a 1:1 performance marketing approach, I was able to start a new leads generation channel and generate more than 35,000+ leads per month.

First-year of digital acquisition of marketing spend for Vietnam was 300,000 USD & 350,000 leads.

Conceptual Studio is a creative web design studio located in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Initially, I was hired to increase the inbound lead generation by implementing campaigns on Google Search. After a few months, the company saw positive results from my marketing activities and decided to hire me fulltime to support account management and project management.

Pervorm is a performance marketing agency specializing in using display marketing channels to drive measurable results for its clients. The agency’s main client Friesland Campina assigned Pervorm its brands with baby milk formula and natural milk in South East Asia.

I helped to manage the lead generation campaigns for Friso and Frisian Flag on Facebook and I also managed the Dutch Lady branding campaigns for Vietnam.

Future.Travel is one of Vietnam’s first Flights OTA. I developed and implemented process for competitor pricing, enabling Future.Travel to price their products based on current market trends.

Agrhub is one of Vietnam’s first Agritech businesses providing IoT solutions to producers in Vietnam and Asia. I am supporting Agrhub on an Ad-hoc basis, supporting with Business and Marketing activities.

TTV Online was a games publisher in Vietnam. As Head of Performance Marketing, I was responsible for the teams who each did their part to acquiring more than 50,000 unique registered accounts every day.

Advising Sun Flower Media to bring it’s publications to an online audience and monetization.

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Janet Morris
Designer - Minio